Design and Development of Advanced Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Vehicles


We're thrilled to share an exciting update with you! In collaboration with Sabancı University, we've successfully completed the first phase of our project, which is centered around Battery Immersion Cooling. This project is all about enhancing the efficiency and safety of electric vehicle batteries by improving the design and production of the EV cooling system and its sub-components.

In the initial phase, we've developed a numerical model for liquid/vapor phase-change applications, which we've validated by comparing it with existing numerical and experimental studies in the literature. What sets this project apart is its uniqueness – it can be used in both next-generation electric vehicles and various types of batteries thanks to design approach. Additionally, we've also managed to create a testing setup for cooling applications where the electronic systems (batteries) come into direct contact with the dielectric coolant. At the end of the project, a system design for battery thermal management in next-generation vehicles will be developed, ensuring that the lifespan of high-performance batteries is improved to have ΔT <1 through an appropriate cooling method. Additionally, a scalable model for thermal management in various applications within next-generation vehicles (both domestic and international) will be established.

As a result, once the project is completed, a new immersion cooling model will have been created, and a test bench service for thermal system experiments will be made available to companies. Following are also the project’s main outcomes: Enhancing Battery Thermal Management for Next-Gen Vehicles: Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining popularity as a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. However, one of the critical challenges in EV development is ensuring the efficient management of battery temperatures. This is where our project steps in with innovative solutions. Battery Lifespan Improvement: To ensure these batteries have a long and reliable lifespan, it's essential to manage their operating temperatures effectively. In our project, we aim to develop a cutting-edge cooling system that maintains the battery temperature within an optimal range.

This will help extend the lifespan of the batteries and reduce the cost of ownership for EV owners. ΔT <1: A crucial goal of our project is to achieve a delta T (temperature difference) of less than 1. This means that the temperature difference between the hottest and coolest parts of the battery will be minimal. Achieving such a low delta T is a significant technological challenge that, once realized, will make EVs even more efficient and reliable. Scalable Thermal Management Model: The system can accommodate different vehicle designs, battery sizes, and environmental conditions, making it a versatile solution for automakers around the world. We'll keep you updated on the progress of this project and share more details in the future. Stay tuned and be part of the exciting developments in electric vehicle technology!