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Differentiate through innovation

  • Differentiate through innovation

    Rinnova helps automotive suppliers develop business strategies by unique combination of customer insights and state-of-the-art technology

Our passion originates from changing dynamics of new generation vehicle technologies (electric and autonomous) and our unique competency is to meet customer needs by innovation-based business models. We are located in Turkey, Bilişim Vadisi and have representativeness in HU and UK.

Our Commitments

Invest In Right Product On Time

We help manufacturers enhance their product portfolio and adapt to changing market needs by establishing innovation based competence strategies.

Increase Your Market Share

We provide country base business development support and representation services in Turkey.

Maintain The Momentum

Companies have limited sources. Rinnova Automotive Technologies help clients manage OEM projects and their accounts more effectively.

Rinnova Customers and Solution Partners


Thanks to our flexible and customer-centric services; we can define the best cooperation model (project/product base or long term) that enables partners use their resources in a most efficient way.