For EV platforms, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart City Technologies we associate with our global partners; supporting the significant evolution in automotive industry.


Electrical Vehicle Platform

iOne platform is a disruptive technology based in a modular concept allowing multiple full electric city vehicles configurations, increasing
space usability while reducing size and weight and intensifying the communications interface and data management. 

Autonomous Vehicle Concept Design for Urban Areas

Special Vehicles: 


Commercial Centres

Golf Course

Industrial Areas

Indoors Applications

Autonomous Vehicle in closed circui

Robot Cars


Drive By Wire Robot Wheel for a wide range of vehicles and Power Train

Autonomous Robot Wheel based in Drive By Wire technology

Electric Traction

Electric Steering System



iKeyLess : Smart Keyless Entry and Start

SMART KEY LESS SYSTEM for access control, safety and vehicle start / stop function
Convenient access to the car ( door handle)

NFC being the RF back-up interface for keyfob in case of battery off

Secured start

Cloud-based distribution of keys to an NFC enabled phone

Autonomous Vehicles and Smart City Technologies 

DBW Systems (RobotWheel)

Smart Keyless Systems


V2X Infrastructure

Remote Control

Vehicle Safety Control – ECUs